Marketing Expertise

Marketing Strategy & Business Growth

Planning your marketing can be as important as implementing it. Considering your target audience and how to connect and communicate with them is crucial for success. So, let’s brainstorm together and form a robust marketing strategy to guide you and give you tangible, measurable results.

An evaluation of your current marketing tactics and results is always a part of this and helps focus for future growth.

Creative Content & Digital Marketing

Your website, blog, e/mail newsletters, advertising and social media all give your prospective customers an initial image of your company and help tell your story. Make sure the words, images and tools you use to build your profile create the right first and lasting impression. Let’s use your website, creative content and social media to lift your chances of success.

Public Relations & Brand Management

Revel in the art of communication and further develop your business with a strong PR strategy. Question how others perceive you and use this information to improve. Ensure your brand positions you in the right place and use your marketing activity to support this. Well written press coverage will interest new customers and build on existing customer loyalty helping to strengthen your place in the market.


Would you like to undertake or improve your own Marketing but just don’t know where to start?  Or perhaps you are a larger company who would like to empower your staff to achieve more focused results?  Let’s look at a training programme so you can map your actions and see results or why not come along to one of the training courses that I host locally – good training is always a worthwhile investment for your business.

Let’s choose the right solutions that will work for you.