Join us for a Kahoot! (and some good networking too!)

Having worked with Freedom Works on their PR and Marketing since they opened last year, it has been great to see how this high tech co-working space has grown and is now home to a diverse range of businesses and co-workers.

Part of co-working is, of course, collaboration, and this is something that is high on the list of priorities for all. Events from simple Free Beer Fridays to the recent joint networking event with Wired Sussex are a great way for everyone to come together and build new working relationships, so with this in mind ….

On Wednesday 17th May Kahoot is coming to Freedom Works…

Kahoot is an interactive gaming system used widely throughout the world to educate and inspire.. it’s a multiple choice quiz style game, all run through a large screen with everyone playing on their own smartphone or tablet.  Take a look here 

It’ll be a great opportunity to test your knowledge against your fellow networkers and see if you can become Kahoot King or Queen for the evening!

The fun will start from 5pm with drinks and nibbles and the chance to recruit a team or make a decision to go at it alone… all you’ll need from then is your smartphone or tablet and we’ll do the rest!  We’ll have several quiz rounds intermingled with relaxed networking and some great prizes at the end!

(You never know you might just win!!)

Bring your friends, family, clients and suppliers and share the event widely please – the bigger the better. The World record for the largest Kahoot currently stands at over 1,000 people playing at once but we’re just planning to fill the room!!!

Book online now at

Look forward to seeing you there!