Marketing strategy – making it count!

I was delighted to be asked to speak on the subject of marketing in the Expert Zone at the Better Business Show last week.  As time was precious with so much to fit into the day, each Expert slot provided a small taster of each subject with a little time for Q & A’s.  This certainly got me thinking as to how I could deliver the best value for those attending, in the shortest space of time!

I decided to focus on the all important overall marketing strategy that underpins everything we do in our marketing efforts.  To start to explain how our digital strategy, our public relations, our networking and all the work we do on crafting our Unique Selling Points’ and presenting our offer suddenly can all start to come together with a well researched and thought out strategy.

So, these are my key elements to a good strategy and I hope that they help a little along the way…

Know your Audience

Writing your strategy is similar to being a detective!  Researching your target audience will help you pick up important clues about potential clients and is one of the key areas that you need to cover.  Marketing is truly all about identifying and matching needs so by pinpointing your audience and then offering what they actually require will greatly improve your chances of success.

Put together a plan

Seems obvious but a good plan will guide you through the choppiest of seas!  Think about your competitors, your strengths and weaknesses, the growths and trends in your industry and how you intend to promote your business. Outline your goals and then you can start to work out how you’re going to achieve them. Ensure your plan covers all elements of your business, and don’t be afraid to amend it as appropriate.

Consider your market positioning

Market positioning is all about deliberately placing yourself in the right place within your marketplace, so that your customers are aware that you are the most appropriate business to work with and that your offer is designed with them in mind.  Design your brand accordingly and ensure it really fits your offer.

Think wisely about marketing tools

There are so many options available to you for promotion; from creating digital content, social media marketing and traditional advertising to press campaigns, competitions and direct mail, the list goes on.  But think very carefully which is right for your target audience and your product, and refer back to your research and plan at all times. Create brand awareness, and encourage your potential customers to connect with you to build that all important relationship.

Analyse your results

And lastly always, always, always consider your results! When you implement any campaign or promotion remember to be mindful of how well it did, so you can repeat it or if necessary amend it for improvement.  After all marketing can be costly if it’s not done well!


Happy marketing!